About Kocho

Greetings from the President

In 1963, as the Kurobe Dam No. 4 hydropower station was nearing completion in Japan and live television satellite broadcasting was becoming a reality abroad, Kocho Paper, predecessor of Kocho Co., Ltd., was established in Kawakubo, Takaoka, Fuji City in Shizuoka Prefecture.

When Kocho Paper was founded, our flagship product was a sanitary napkin developed to help make women’s lives more comfortable, safe and healthy. As we have continued to develop ever better absorbent materials in the years since, we widened our variety and range of products to include high quality, highly absorbent disposable diapers for both babies and adults, cat litter, puppy pads and other products.

We are now using our know-how and experience with absorbent products to further improve life for Japan’s aging society. We have opened two Panasonic Age-Free Chain Stores in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture: one (Fujiyama) in Fuji City and the other in Nagaizumi. We are working to do our part and do what we can to make seniors’ golden years the best they can be.

Kocho is committed to fulfilling its corporate mission of “Making Kinder Products” by combining innovative planning and years of accumulated technical know-how with the power of Kocho employees’ love and care to continue delivering safe and reliable products that meet society’s needs today, and tomorrow.

Naoshi Watanabe, President

Mission Statement

Kocho is committed to applying our knowledge and drive to "Make Kinder Products" for the benefit of society.

"Making kinder products" refers to developing and delivering products that benefit society.

With its corporate mission of "Making Kinder Products," Kocho will continue its efforts to bring socially beneficial products to life. We will continue to improve our products and processes to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Kocho Co., Ltd.
Address 295 Kawakubo, Atsuhara, Fuji, Shizuoka, 419-0201, Japan
Established December 1963
Capital 48 million yen
Representative Naoshi Watanabe, President
Number of Employees 144 (as of June 2020)
Main Banks Japan Finance Corporation, Fujinomiya Shinkin Bank, Fuji Shinkin Bank, Shimizu Bank, and Shizuoka Bank

Organizational Chart

Kocho Co., Ltd. Organization

Company History

December 1963 Began construction of wadding and sanitary paper factory.
April 1964 Factory completed. Kocho Paper Co., Ltd. (hereafter called Kocho Paper) established with a capital of 3 million yen and 15 employees.
July 1964 Production and launch of sanitary napkins upon obtaining permits and licenses from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
December 1968 Capital increased to 6 million yen.
December 1975 Capital increased to 12 million yen. Production system for various types of sanitary napkins established.
March 1983 Began production and sales of disposable diapers for adults.
August 1986 Construction of 3-story reinforced concrete processing factory completed, separating it from the paper mill.
August 1986 Began production and sales of disposable diapers for babies.
December 1987 Began production and sales of disposable puppy pads.
June 1992 Kocho Paper renamed Kocho Co., Ltd. (hereafter called Kocho).
March 1993 Paper mill closed.
October 1994 Capital increased to 48 million yen.
November 1994 Ceremony held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of corporate establishment.
June 1995 Paper mill demolished; west side of 3-story reinforced concrete processing factory expanded.
March 1996 Line of cat litter launched.
September 1997 Production of sanitary napkins discontinued.
September 1998 Compact packaging improved.
October 1998 Disposable diapers for pets launched.
November 1998 Line of anti-slip puppy pads produced and launched.
April 2000 Osaka Sales Office established.
September 2001 Production of disposable baby diapers discontinued.
December 2002 Began production and sales of incontinence pads.
December 2002 Assisted living equipment lease service launched upon obtaining Shizuoka Prefectural permits and licenses.
December 2002 Ceremony held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Kocho establishment.
August 2003 Panasonic Age-Free Chain Store “Fujiyama” opened in Urijima Town, Fuji City.
October 2003 ISO9001 certification acquired (excluding Social Support Dept.).
June 2004 Panasonic Age-Free Chain Store “Nagaizumi” opened in Nagaizumi Town, Sunto County.
October 2004 Construction of Gokanjima Factory completed; began production of cat litter made from Japanese cypress.
September 2005 Construction of Factory Number Two completed.
September 2005 Began production and sales of thin-type regular and wide size puppy pads.
April 2006 CSR Office established.
February 2009 Nagasawa Warehouse acquired.
August 2009 Construction of Factory Number Three completed.
November 2009 Production and launch of thin-type super wide size puppy pads.
February 2010 Production and launch of thick-type puppy pads.
June 2010 Neo Loo Life brand launched.
December 2010 Wheelchairs donated to Vietnam.
March 2011 Launch of 2011 Tohoku Disaster relief and reconstruction support campaign.
December 2011 Wheelchairs donated to nursing care facilities.
April 2012 Construction of Fujimi Factory completed and began production of cat litter made from Japanese cypress and tofu refuse.
June 2012 Osaka Sales Office relocated and expanded.
August 2012 Wheelchairs donated to Vietnam.
November 2012 Ceremony held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kocho’s founding.
April2014 Social Support Dept. acquired ISO9001 certification
July 2015 Construction of Green Warehouse completed.
March 2016 Overseas Business Development Section established
December 2016 Joined "SPORT FOR TOMORROW",  an international contribution through sport.
March 2017 Concluded the comprehensive partnership agreement with Fuji City.
February2018 Construction of KUZAWA 55 Warehouse completed.
July 2020 Launch of Kocho Branding Project
August 2020 Acquired FSC®COC certification