Care Products Department

Pet Care Products

We manufacture and sell puppy pads, cat litter and other pet care products.

In Japan today with its declining birthrate and aging population, pets have become irreplaceable life partners and loving family members. Accordingly, demand for better pet care and pet-related products is on the rise. As a result of changing social and housing conditions, more and more pets live indoors with their owner-families. The relationship between owners and pets is also significantly changing. Dogs, cats and other family member-pets are now spending most of their lives together, indoors, with their owner-family day and night.

Kocho believes that a clean and comfortable home environment for all facilitates communication and fosters respect and appreciation between pets and their owners so that each and every family member can live together more happily.

As owner-pet lifestyles and needs change, Kocho does as well; to not only help maintain a clean and hygienic life space for all, but to develop and deliver new styles of pet toiletry products to help provide a more relaxing, loving, and caring environment for every pet and every member of a pet owning family.

50 years of Kocho know-how is now helping us bring a variety of products from idea to market in such diverse fields as healthcare and disaster prevention. In line with the needs and demands of society today and tomorrow, this includes environmentally friendly recycled and recyclable products as well.


Better pet toiletries make life better and happier for everyone.

Pet toilets and litter boxes are often placed in our most commonly used living and communication spaces shared by all members of the family; spaces that should be as comfortable, relaxing, clean and hygienic as possible. In step with recent changes in owner-pet lifestyles, a new style of pet toilet is in development at Kocho which will make our life space and environment a cleaner, more enjoyable and more relaxing place for all.


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Elderly Care Products

We also manufacture and sell disposable adult paper diapers.

Kocho produces and supplies high quality disposable adult paper diapers to hospitals and health service / nursing care facilities and special care homes all across Shizuoka Prefecture. We strive daily to develop optimum products to best meet consumer needs. To help us better meet the full range of the ever-diversifying needs of seniors today and tomorrow, we lean on and learn from our staff and friends, always in tune with ever expanding lines of nursing care products, in Kocho’s Social Support Department and Age-Free Chain Stores Fujiyama and Nagaizumi. Kocho will continue to grow and remain flexible as emerging societal changes and needs arise, and rise to meet them.

Kocho will continue approaching product development from the perspective of both giving and receiving care, and will continue working to develop products that bring comfort and convenience to anyone needing them, today and tomorrow.
Kocho is working to help us all make our remaining years the best they can be.